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PassivHub Is the heart and brains of the system. It connects to your existing broadband router and then talks wirelessly to the new controller we place on your boiler and the new temperature sensors placed on your hot water tank.

The Hub also wirelessly talks to the new temperature room thermostat that we install/replace to measure the inside temperature in your house.

The Hub receives data from the Met Office letting it know the outside temperature. Being a 'smart system' it is able to tell the boiler how hard to work or not.
The Hub is then operated by hand held controller.

Example - Your Existing System.
If you want your house 20C, the boiler heats the house to 20C ignoring the outside temperature. If the outside temperature rises your houses becomes additional hot, which is a waste of energy and money.

Example - With the Home Monitoring System.
If the outside temperature is 11C, the Hub will only and heat your radiators by the additional 9C to reach the desired 20C. This results in a 55% reduction of energy, and a lower gas bill.


47% of people find their existing heating controls too difficult to use source YouGov. This touch screen system is far easier to use and also puts you in control. You choose the temperature whether you are in, out or asleep, and the Hub ensures you use less gas than your present system to heat your home.For example, you could set the system to :

. Come on at 6.30am when you rise.
. Go off at 8.30 as you go to work.
. And come back on half an hour before you come home.

This is different from your present system which just goes on or off, as the Hub knows the outside temperature and will only allow the boiler to work if and when it is needed.

This saves you energy and money. The Controller also tells you how much hot water there is in your tank, which can be boosted.

All of these times and temperatures can be changed as and when your lifestyle changes, with a simple touch of the screen.

PassivEnergy Smart Phone App.

PassivEnergy iPhone app lets people control their heating and hot water from anywhere in the world.

If they are out later than expected or heading home early they can tell their iPhone app and PassivEnergy will adjust their schedule so their home is ready for them when they step through the door.

Occupancy Buttons.

No one lives their lives to a schedule. Our occupancy buttons let you change your occupancy state. Positioned by your front door or your bed, simply flick the switch to power down your home so you don't waste energy heating your home when you're out or asleep.

Boiler Controller (HVAC)

Pasivsystems HVAC Controller allows the PassivEnergy system to intelligently control the boiler for heating and hot water.
Here are some of the benefits:

  • Temperature smoothing provides tighter temperature control.
  • Optimum start ensures no wasted energy when heating the home.
  • Weather compensation takes into consideration the weather outside when heating inside.
  • Zone control allows consumers to control heating based on where they are and how they use different areas of their home.

Hot Water Controller and Water Temperature Sensors.

Our sensors connect to our hot water controller and are used on pipes and hot water tanks to help PassivHub learn when to turn the boiler on. They have an accuracy of 0.1C, which helps us make sure consumers only heat water when they need it.

Room Temperature Sensor.

This nifty bit of kit lets us monitor your home's internal temperature to 0.5 of a degree. PassivEnergy tracks this against the temperature outside to ensure that your home is heated exactly as you want it.

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