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How It Saves Money.

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You save money in the following ways :

. Your system only heats your home to your required temperature.

. If the temperature in your house rises too much, it will turn the boiler off.

. The system knows how efficient your boiler is and will turn your boiler off before you are due to leave the house or go to bed.

. Instead of heating all the water in your tank (conventional systems only), the system will only heat the amount you need.

. Each house is fitted with an occupancy button which can be pressed when leaving the house to turn your system off.

. This is an intelligent system that be operated from a smart phone or laptop anywhere in the world.

This is a smart system and saves typically :

. 23% for a home with conventional boiler.

. 18% if you have a combi system.

. 40% if you use LPG or oil.

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