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Benefits : Savings.

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There are four major benefits :

Cost - it saves you money.
The average saving for a gas customer is 23% and 40% for someone on LPG/oil.

Control - you control the temperature with a touch screen controller or via the internet or with a smart phone.
This is really useful if you are home early or out late.

Comfort - You choose the temperature whether you are in, out or asleep, and the passiv system manages it for you.

Carbon - by wasting less heat, your home becomes more environmentally friendly saving CO2.

This system gives you cost savings, control, comfort and carbon reductions. You can also avoid gas prices increases which have averaged 15% pa.

This is a smart system and saves typically :

. 23% for a home with conventional boiler.
. 18% if you have a combi system.
. 40% if you use LPG or oil.

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